Dillon Danis Hits Logan Paul At Misfits Press Conference

What happened at the KSI vs Fury and Paul vs Danis Press Conference?

The press conference for Misfits: The Prime Card took place on 12 October 2023, two days prior to the event in Manchester. The event was hosted by Ariel Helwani and Ade Oladipo, and featured KSI, Logan Paul, Dillon Danis and Tommy Fury. Dillion Danis and Logan Paul were the first pair introduced, sitting opposite each other in the studio.

The segment saw Danis and Paul exchange their usual range of insults, although Logan Paul brought up an allegedly illegitimate child than Dillon Danis refuses to acknowledge. Other than that, it was pretty standard stuff. Dillon Danis had a range of insults including “whore” directed at Logan Paul’s fiancee Nina Agdal. Logan Paul brought out Chris Hansen, and said on Saturday he will Catch a Predator. The pair took a few audience questions, one of which asked how many steroids Logan Paul was injecting into his ass, which Paul refuted.

Chaos erupted during a commercial break following a typically tense segment between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul. Logan Paul tossed a bottle towards the mid-section of Danis, who responded by throwing a microphone from close range directly at Paul’s face. Paul apparently left the stage bleeding, but confirming his intent to compete on Saturday night regardless of any injury.

Moving onto the main event of the show, KSI and Tommy Fury also had their ‘press conference’. Slightly more civilised than Paul vs Danis, KSI and Fury exchanged insults, with John Fury still attracted more attention in the background hurling them back in KSI’s direction. A few bottles were thrown here and there, but nothing damaging to either fighter. Both KSI and Tommy Fury entered a caged area for a face-off at the end of their press conference, with Tommy Fury promising to defeat KSI by the end of round 3. John Fury again entered the cage at the suggestion of the audience, and immediately tried to smash the structure as security attempted to quickly remove him.

You can read a preview of the full event, KSI vs Tommy Fury and the undercard here

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