Rules of Boxing from the BBBofC

3 Facts You Didn’t Know About The BBBofC Regulations

The BBBofC, British Boxing Board of Control, is the body that has overseen British boxing since 1929. The Board are responsible for the rules and regulations pertaining to bouts in Britain, and publish their regulations online on a yearly basis. I’ve picked out a few rules that people may not be aware of.

Do you Need a Licence to be Master of Ceremonies?

Yes. Almost every visible person involved in a boxing event is licenced in some fashion.

18.1 Each Master of Ceremonies must be the holder of a Master of Ceremonies licence issued by the B.B.B. of C. Application for such a
licence must be accompanied by a fee in an amount to be determined from time to time by the Board.

When do Boxing Referees Retire?

All referees must retire at the age of 67, except for ‘A’ Star Class referees, the highest class of referee. They can continue on as a judge until the age of 72, when they must retire.

15.1.1 Each Referee must be the holder of a valid Referee’s licence issued by the B.B.B of C. Application for a Referee’s licence shall be accompanied by a fee in an amount determined from time to time by the Board. All Referees shall relinquish their licences upon the expiration of the calendar year in which they attain the age of 67 years, except in the case of Class “A” Star Referee who, being a member of or affiliated to an International Championship sanctioning authority permitted by the Board to sanction their Championship contests within the Board’s jurisdiction, may continue to hold a licence and be available to be appointed as a Judge only in a relevant Championship contest by such International Championship sanctioning authority or by the Board if so requested. In addition, a Class “A” Star referee on reaching the age of 67 years will be permitted to continue as a Judge for English, Celtic, British, Commonwealth and International Championship contest and for British and Commonwealth Eliminating and Final Eliminating Contests until the age of 72 years.

How much does a Timekeeper make?

£250 a show plus expenses.

17.4 Timekeepers’ fees paid to a Timekeeper shall be those determined by the Board from time to time and at present are as follows:

1-5 Contests:
Whole Tournament £250.00 plus expenses

6 Contests and above:
1st Timekeeper £250.00 plus expenses
2nd Timekeeper £225.00 plus expenses

Information provided by BBBofC Regulations 2023. You can read the rulebook yourself in a .PDF format by clicking here

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