Was Misfits X Series 013 the worst show of all-time?

Misfits Boxing headed to Nashville on Saturday night to hold the latest installment of the X Series. The show was set to feature a night of influencer boxing culminating in a two vs one ‘Outnumbered’ match. However almost nothing went to plan at Misfits X Series 013.

The blurb from DAZN promised viewers the following:

Crossover boxing returns to the US in explosive style, with Misfits bringing its brand-new ‘outnumbered’ format to Nashville. With Fox The G taking on two opponents in a huge main event, enjoy unique X Series action like never before on DAZN.

Let’s see if they delivered.

Anthony Taylor vs Gabriel Silva Misfits X Series 013

The Kick-Offs

Misfits head honcho Mams Taylor changed the name from prelims to Kick-Offs for X Series 013. The theory was that Kick-Offs would now have more competitive matchups rather than just the bottom of the bill.

This is the only part of the show that went well. Comparatively well at least.

The first bout saw Vitaly vs Mo Deen. Mo Deen seemed to run out of stamina before he entered the ring, and the bout barely lasted a minute. Vitaly picked up the simplest of victories in an odd start to the night.

The next bout was Fight of the Night and one of the few redeemable parts of the show. Nikki Hru fought Alexia Grace over 5 rounds for the vacant Misfits Boxing Lightweight title, with Hru emerging victorious.

By the end of the Kick-Offs Misfits were in decent shape. Ok the first bout was rubbish but Hru vs Grace had action and competitive moments. There was no sign of immediate disaster at this point.


Vitaly, fresh off his victory over Mo Deen, had a video circulate online showing him refusing a VADA test. Vitaly was threatening and refused to provide a urine sample. So that bout may get overturned, despite Mo Deen causing zero damage.

Vitaly vs Mo Deen

X Series 013 Main Card

Joey Knight knocked out Baby Hulk in round 1 of their bout. This opening the main card and was decent enough, although Mams Taylor and the commentary team believed the referee ended the fight too early. Baby Hulk was briefly unconscious, so I didn’t understand the complaint.

YuddyGangTV vs Lil Cracra went to a No Contest. The pair were in the middle of the second round but their fight was cancelled following a swatting threat. The entire arena was evacuated and the action was delayed as security checked the building. Per Tennessee rules, Misfits were unable to re-start the bout. This delayed the action for a good hour and a half.

Tayler Holder vs DWG Earth took place after the security threat. Holder looked poor fighting but was fighting on just 5 days notice. DWG Earth had zero stamina in round 2 and spent most of the round leaning on the ropes. Had DWG Earth gone the full 5 rounds, I’m convinced he would have lost on points against nobody.

Chris Avila vs Jake Bostwick served as the chief support. This went the full 4 round distance with Bostwick winning via a Split Decision (37-39, 40-36, 39-37). 37-39 was a terrible scorecard but the contest was decent enough. Chris Avila had an interesting post-fight interview where he criticised Misfits.

Main event time. The 2 vs 1 Outnumbered match. Except Most Wanted, part of the tag-team with Evil Uno, apparently decided backstage he didn’t want to fight. That is astonishing when you have a partner on your side.

So the main event moved to a traditional 1 vs 1 match. Fox the G defeated Evil Uno in the first round. Fox the G knocked Evil Uno down with a borderline shot to the back of the head but the referee ruled it legal. Evil Uno could have got up but decided to take the count. The fight went under a minute and was massively underwhelming. The commentators, particularly Todd Grisham, really emphasised how poor the ending was.

What else went wrong?

Two bouts were cancelled in the build-up to X Series 013. Layed Bak was removed after suffering a medical issue, and Anthony Taylor vs Gabriel Silva was cancelled following a weight dispute. That was supposed to be a title bout.

Misfits in Nashville looked like it was filmed in a TV set. There were no stands, no tiered seating and the venue was surrounded in darkness. This wasn’t at the level of small-hall boxing and nearer to a hotel show.

DAZN incredibly produced a graphic advertising Haney vs Garcia on 04 April 2024. It is on 20 April 2024. The graphic sat beside a poster for Canelo on 04 May.

After Chris Avila won his fight, he was asked whether he had found a home at Misfits and whether he wanted to remain with them. He said no and plugged his next fight for a different show and company.

Adin Ross held an alternative influencer boxing event on Kick, which also partners with Misfits. Ross’ event will have undoubtedly benefitted from Misfits security issues.

In Summary

Did crossover boxing return to the US in explosive style? No, there were no bombs in or out of the ring.

Did we get the Outnumbered format? No.

Are the Kick-Offs better than the old Prelims? Yes, but only because the show took a nosedive after the Kick-Offs finished.

Was it unique X Series action? I suppose so. I cannot recall another boxing show in recent memory that featured missing opponents, bomb scares and a fighter refusing VADA.

Is this the worst show in history? Probably not but it made for a catchy title.

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