The Mystery Opponent Misfits Boxing X Series 012

Misfits X Series 012 took place at Leeds last weekend featuring Ed Matthews vs A Mystery Opponent as the main event. Luis Pineda was eventually revealed as the opponent for Ed Matthews.

HSTikkyTokky vs Tayo Ricci was the originally intended main event for the card, until the bout was cancelled. Ed Matthews was announced as the replacement vs A Mystery Opponent.

The build-up to the event included Ed Matthews being suspended by the Professional Boxing Association for steriod allegations. Misfits ended their relationship with the Professional Boxing Association, and instead used the Polish Professional Boxing Department for the event. That included a change of referees and judges for the entire card and all future bouts with reconciliation between the PBA and Misfits Boxing unlikely.

Ed Matthews vs A Mystery Opponent went ahead, despite the PBA suspension. Misfits padded out the main event by bringing out Ginty in Ultimate Warrior attire, Swarmz, BDave and host of other fights. They squabbled in the ring in a WWE-esque manner before Luis Pineda was revealed as the mystery opponent.

Pineda continued the Mystery Opponent’s unbeaten streak as he knocked Ed Matthews out of the ring en-route to victory. Matthews posed a threat but gassed quickly as he threw wild power punches at every opportunity, and Pineda simply waited for his opportunity.

Ed Matthews knocked down vs Pineda.

Mystery Opponents have been a feature of the Misfits events. The previous Mystery Opponent saw Ed Matthews defeat Swarmz within seconds. The trend of Mystery Opponent Misfits Boxing is unlikely to continue.

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