Live William Zepeda vs Maxi Hughes Results

William Zepeda vs Maxi Hughes headlines a Golden Boy card in a WBA/IBF Super Lightweight title Eliminator. Unbeaten prospects Floyd Schofield and Eric Priest also look to retain their undefeated records. The card takes place on 16 March 2024 live in Las Vegas USA, broadcast on ESPN+ and Sky Sports. Here are the full William Zepeda vs Maxi Hughes results.

William Zepeda vs Maxi Hughes Card

🥊William Zepeda vs Maxi Hughes
🥊Floyd Schofield vs Esteuri Suero
🥊Eric Priest vs Jose Sanchez Charles
🥊Tristan Kaltreuth vs Marquice Weston
🥊Joel Iriarte vs Bryan Carguacundo

Show Notes

This is Golden Boy’s fourth show of 2024, following on from Ortiz vs Lawson, Munguia vs Ryder and Diaz vs Campos.

Darius Fulghum vs Norberto Gonzalez was initially scheduled for the card.

Joel Iriarte had a change of opponent before his debut. Iriarte had been due to face Levy Josue Garcia.

William Zepeda vs Maxi Hughes

Maxi Hughes started the contest in a positive manner. Hughes shaded the opener as he went toe-to-toe against the puncher William Zepeda.

Zepeda was more vicious in the second round and targeted the body. Zepeda continued to pressure his elder opponent and Hughes was forced to absorb shots without a break. Zepeda continued to throw in four or five punch clusters and Maxi Hughes already looked wounded just 5 minutes into the bout. Maximus ended round 2 with his face already marked.

Zepeda unleashed again in the latter part of round 3. Zepeda was able to throw combinations that Hughes couldn’t cope with, and the Brit was left to absorb more and more damage. Hughes continued to throw back but he wasn’t having the same impact and wasn’t slowing down the relentless Mexican. By the end of round 3 Zepeda had thrown 60 more power punches than Hughes.

Round 4 followed a similar formula. Hughes had a decent opening minute but continued to wilt as the round wore on and Zepeda grew stronger. Maxi Hughes covered up and was barely able to throw back for 2 entire minutes and he got battered and bruised. The referee looked closely at stopping the bout.

Maxi Hughes’ corner chose to retire their fighter saying he wasn’t listening before the start of round 5. Hughes had taken a significant beating at this point but remained on his feet throughout.


Winner by RTD round 5 William Zepeda

Floyd Schofield vs Esteuri Suero

Esteuri Suero started the opening round strongly, until Floyd Schofield landed a big shot midway through the round. Schofield caught Suero with a winging hook and Seuro did his best to hold and tie-up. Schofield was struck by an accidental headbutt at the end of the first round, causing a deep cut around his eyebrow.

Schofield rocked Suero a minute into the second round. He attempted to brush it off but he clearly felt the power. Suero was deducted a point towards the end of round 2 after repeated warnings.

Esteuri Suero continued his roughhouse tactics into round 3 which included a headlock on Floyd Schofield. Schofield continued to impress as he stayed on the outside and dived in with shots. Suero was able to reply but Schofield remained firmly in control after 3 rounds.

Suero was deducted a second point 30 seconds into round 4. This time it was for lifting and dropping Schofield in the clinch. He applied a bearhug like manoeuvre just seconds after the restart. In-between the various fouls Schofield continued to land accurate, fast combinations on his befuddled challenger. Schofield left Suero buzzed at the end of the round.

Round 5 became even uglier, filled with clinches and both fighters applying dirty tactics. Suero landed a low blow with two minutes left on the card and the referee waved it off as a Disqualification. Replays showed a borderline low blow landed before a clear low blow uppercut followed.

Suero left the ring and argued with his corner in frustration, before then crying and arguing.


Winner in round 5 by Disqualification Floyd Schofield. Floyd Schofield retains his WBA International Lightweight championship.

Eric Priest vs Jose Sanchez Charles

Eric Priest vs Jose Sanchez Charles started off quietly. Sanchez largely operated on the outside and Priest picked up the opening round evading his shots. The commentators on DAZN mentioned it was so quiet it was like The Masters. Classic Todd Grisham.

Sanchez was stronger in round 2, landing several hooks. A tangle of feet brought Sanchez to the ground, although it looked like a punch landed in the process. Priest ended the round with a stinging right hook that buzzed Sanchez on the bell.

Priest continued to land on Sanchez who looked to absorb the damage and counter back with power punches. Priest continued to pick up rounds as Sanchez looked for a killer combination.

Both men were sporting damage heading into the final rounds. Sanchez had a swollen eye and Priest was marked badly from repeated right hooks. Priest was firmly in control in the final rounds and took the fight to the scorecards knowing he had bagged a victory.


Winner by Unanimous Decision Eric Priest. The scorecards read 100-90, 99-91 (x2). The fight took place over 10 rounds.

Tristan Kaltreuth vs Marquice Weston

Tristan Kaltreuth knocked out Marquice Weston in round 2. Weston was knocked down by a left hook and the bout was quickly waved off.


Winner by KO in round 2 Tristan Kaltreuth.

Joel Iriarte vs Bryan Carguacundo

This was a debut for Joel Iriarte. Iriarte dominated his opponent Bryan Carguacundo from the first bell. The referee waved the bout off in round 2.


Winner by TKO in round 2 Joel Iriarte.

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