Live Chris Bourke vs Ashley Lane Results

Queensberry Promotions held a show on Friday 22 March 2024 featuring Chris Bourke vs Ashley Lane in the main event. Bourke vs Lane contested the vacant British Bantamweight championship. Here are the full Chris Bourke vs Ashley Lane results.

Queensberry’s show took place at York Hall and aired live in the UK on TNT Sports from 7:00 p.m. The action kicked off with Sonny Liston Ali in action, and ended with Chris Bourke vs Ashley Lane.

Chris Bourke vs Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane post-fight after defeating Chris Bourke

Bookmakers favourite Chris Bourke took the opening round from Ashley Lane, outlanding his experienced opponent.

Lane opened up a cut just above his right eye in round 2 as Bourke again picked up another round.

Lane had a brighter start to round 3 and upped his output, doing enough to shade the round. His work improved into rounds 4 and 5, and the outsider found himself in front on the cards.

Ashley Lane was relentless in round 6. Lane buzzed Chris Bourke and unleashing shot after shot, with Bourke being thrown to the canvas.

Bourke rose after the throw, but Lane jumped on him and continued the beating. The referee stepped in with Bourke backed into the ropes and being tagged frequently.

Winner by TKO round 6 Ashley Lane

Moses Itauma vs Dan Garber

19-year old Moses Itauma buzzed his opponent after just 30 seconds. Dan Garber took a further few shots and the referee considered a stoppage after just a minute.

Itauma was a class above his late-notice opponent. Faster, more aggressive and superior timing. Garber didn’t have anything in his favour, although he was given just 5 days notice for the fight.

The fight was waved off in round 1 with Garber just getting beaten around the ring and looking to survive. Garber offered no threat after being buzzed from the first clean shot and there was no need for the fight to continue.


Winner by TKO round 1 Moses Itauma

Willy Hutchinson vs Martin Houben

Willy Hutchinson secured a second round TKO victory over Martin Houben. Hutchinson scored a second round knockdown, although Houben beat the count. Hutchinson immediately pounced and unleashed a barrage of shots resulting in the referee waving the contest off.


Winner by TKO round 2 Willy Hutchinson

Royston Barney-Smith vs Jose Manuel Perez

Royston Barney-Smith scored a KO victory over Jose Manuel Perez in round 4. RBS dropped his opponent with a left hand in round 4 it was all over for Perez.


Winner by KO round 4 Royston Barney-Smith

Sean Noakes vs Marian Wesolowski

Sean Noakes was in complete control of the contest. Noakes picked up rounds 1 and 2 before securing a stoppage in round 3. Marian Wesolowski was backed up in the corner and Noakes continued to unload until the referee waved it off.


Winner by TKO round 3 Sean Noakes

Luke McCormack vs Robin Zamora

Luke McCormack secured a dominant KO victory on his debut. McCormack dominated journeyman Robin Zamora and secured a KO at the start of round 2.


Winner by KO round 2 Luke McCormack

Sonny Liston Ali vs Petar Aleksandrov

Sonny Liston Ali dominated the opening round against journeyman Petar Aleksandrov, almost securing a stoppage as he pummelled his showboating opposition. Ali secured a heavy KO at the start of round 2 and Aleksandrov was unable to recover.


Winner by TKO round 2 Sonny Liston Ali

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