Live Nathan Heaney vs Brad Pauls Results

Nathan Heaney vs Brad Pauls headlines Queensberry Promotions 8-fight card in Birmingham. Liam Davies challenges for an IBO World championship alongside a Joe Joyce comeback on the undercard. The Magnificent Seven Ride Again takes place on 16 March 2024, airing live on TNT Sports and ESPN+. Here are the full Nathan Heaney vs Brad Pauls results.

Nathan Heaney vs Brad Pauls Card

🥊Nathan Heaney vs Brad Pauls
🥊Liam Davies vs Erik Robles Ayala
🥊Joe Joyce vs Kash Ali
🥊Dennis McCann vs Brad Strand
🥊Zach Parker vs Tyron Zeuge
🥊Eithan James vs Owen Cooper
🥊Pierce O’Leary vs Hovhannes Martirosyan
🥊Ezra Taylor vs Prince Oko Nartey

Preview of The Magnificent Seven Ride Again

Here are the live results for Nathan Heaney vs Brad Pauls. Check back for live updates of the action as the fights go on.

M7RA Show notes

Solomon Dacres vs David Adeleye was initially scheduled in an English Heavyweight title clash. This was quietly removed from the card. Dacres attended the weigh-ins and confirmed he still expects to face Adeleye at York Hall. More on that story here.

Joe Joyce mentioned in the press conference he has been watching Resident Evil to combat Kash Ali. Ali infamously bit his opponent David Price causing a DQ loss, the first of his career.

Nathan Heaney sold and delivered over 2000 tickets The Magnificent Seven Ride Again.

I counted 8 championships on the card. There’s probably more.

Dennis McCann vs Brad Strand changed from a 10-rounder to 12-round contest at short-notice. This voided bets fans had made on the 10 round contest.

🥊Nathan Heaney vs Brad Pauls

Nathan Heaney took the opening round. Heaney was able to knock Brad Pauls off balance and outland his opponent. Heaney continued to better Pauls in the second round.

Pauls was sporting a marked face by the third round. He improved in the third round but still lacked accuracy in his attacks as the champion took the round.

Brad Pauls continued to lunge in with hooks in round 4, landing one but missing a lot. Heaney tried to box on the outside and out of range and didn’t do enough to win the round.

Brad Pauls started round 5 aggressively but Nathan Heaney responded with powerful hooks. Pauls was stalking and hunting Heaney but still hadn’t found his range. He was more successful engaging at close range.

Brad Pauls had his best round in round 6. Pauls was able to land more often although Heaney still outworked the challenger. Pauls landed a decent hook in round 7 but Heaney remained more active and accurate.

Big round 8 for the challenger. Brad Pauls unloaded a series of hooks. Heaney covered up and Pauls continued as he lost his gumshield. Heaney managed to escape Pauls grasp and received a break to retrieve his gumshield. Pauls continued to land hook after hook in round 8. Heaney was firing back but the momentum had firmly swung to the away fighter.

Heaney received a massive telling off before the start of round 9 from his corner. Heaney boxed cautiously and stayed out of range, avoiding further firefights against Pauls.

Brad Pauls caught Heaney with a good shot in round 10 and Heaney lost his gumshield for a second time. This again gave him a little respite.

Pauls was told to go for it by the corner in round 11. He landed early and continued to pressure Heaney as the two exchange with little regard for defence. Nathan Heaney was in dire straits halfway into the round and badly hurt. Pauls wobbled Heaney who tried to hold and avoid his challenger. Heaney responded towards the end of the round and buzzed Pauls, with both men giving everything in the round.

TNT Sports had Nathan Heaney up by 3 going into round 12. Both men looked spent in the final round. The pair of fighters exchanged hooks but struggled to land anything decisive. Heaney landed a couple of rabbit punches and boxed on the outside to take it to the scorecards.


Split Draw. 115-114 Pauls, 114-114 Draw, 116-113 Heaney over 12 rounds. Nathan Heaney keeps his British Middleweight championship.

🥊Liam Davies vs Erik Robles Ayala

Liam Davies wins IBO World championship at Magnificent Seven

Liam Davies took the opening round where he outworked his opponent Erik Robles. Davies knocked Robles down in the second round with an uppercut followed by a hook. Robles beat the count. Davies immediately pounced on the wounded Robles and unleashed a barrage of shots until the referee waved the contest off.


Winner by TKO in round 2 Liam Davies. Liam Davies is now the IBO World Super Bantamweight champion.

🥊Joe Joyce vs Kash Ali

Joe Joyce vs Kash Ali Magnificent Seven

Joe Joyce took a slow opening round with neither fighter landing many clean shots. The action picked up in a tight second round with Kash Ali landing a whinging overhand right on Joyce. Joyce was more active in round 3 and did some damage to Ali’s body, who responded by moving around his much larger opponent.

Kash Ali landed a few power shots on Joyce in round 4, with Joyce remaining vulnerable to overhand shots again. Ali did enough to take round 5, probably his first of the bout. Joyce continued to be more inactive but highly inaccurate and Kash Ali was landing his jab far cleaner than anything from Joyce.

The Juggernaut finally found his groove in round 7. Joyce upped his output and targeted Ali’s body. Ali responded by circling round the ring for the entire round.

Kash Ali’s workrate fell in round 8 as Joyce continued to target his body. Ali’s corner was loudly swearing at him during and in-between rounds.

Round 9 finally saw Joyce hurt Ali. Joyce landed a jab that sent Ali into full retreat. Joyce continued to unload but Ali survived the round without throwing anything in return.

Joyce secures the KO in round 10. With Ali seemingly making it to the final bell, Joyce hurt Ali to send him to the canvas in the final minute of the fight.


Winner by KO in round 10 Joe Joyce. The contest was scheduled for 10 rounds.

🥊Zach Parker vs Tyron Zeuge

Zach Parker took the opening round, but Tyron Zeuge responded with a heavy power shot in round 2. Parker eventually took a knee under heavy pressure from Zeuge, with Parker being given a count and having a knockdown scored against him.

Parker improved in the following rounds and did enough to take them on the scorecards. Zeuge was looking for a single power-shot to topple Parker. Zeuge also lacked any urgency and wasn’t throwing enough.

Parker boxed on the outside and Zeuge was failing to even land scoring shots. Zeuge took most of Parker’s shots on his gloves but offered little to nothing after the second round. The action grew uglier in rounds 8 and 9, and Parker appeared to twist his ankle at the end of round 9.

Parker fought negatively in the final round after the ankle injury, but was never in real danger and picked up a victory on the scorecards.


Winner by Unanimous Decision Zach Parker. The scorecards read: 98-91, 97-92, 96-94 over 10 rounds.

🥊Dennis McCann vs Brad Strand

Dennis McCann took the opening round before scoring a big knockdown in round 2. Brad Strand beat the count but was wobbled again by a left hook.

Strand was more competitive in round 3, troubling McCann with combinations. McCann answered back in the following round with a number of big shots.

McCann targeted Brad Strand’s body and hurt him badly in round 6. Strand covered up but McCann switched to the head and landed multiple blows. Strand was struggling to fire back with anything and firmly in survival mode.

Brad Strand finally had some success in round 8, landing a few combinations against a more open McCann. Strand continued to be more active but slowed every time McCann landed a body blow.

Round 10 was a great swing round, with both fighters landing significant blows. Strand’s cornermen called for a KO.

Brad Strand took round 11 and boxed far more positively, although he never threatened a knockdown. McCann won the final round and showboated before the final bell.


Winner by Unanimous Decision Dennis McCann. The scorecards read: 118-111, 116-112, 116-111 over 12 rounds.

McCann now holds both WBO European Super Bantamweight title & WBO Inter-Continental Super Bantamweight title.

🥊Eithan James vs Owen Cooper

Owen Cooper dropped Eithan James in round 1 with a left hook. James only survived the round by losing his gumshield and buying a lot of extra recovery time.

Cooper continued to dominate in the fight and easily took rounds 1-5, proving more aggressive than his unbeaten opponent. Eithan James grew into the contest in the latter rounds and could outbox Owen Cooper, but struggled to inflict damage.

The rounds were far more competitive in the second half of the contest but Cooper continued to land the eye-catching shots. Cooper almost bagged a stoppage in round 9 when James was saved by the bell. Cooper had his opponent on the back-foot but ran out of time to score a knockdown.

Eithan James was withdrawn before the start of round 10 by his corner. Cooper was ahead by 2, 3 and 5 rounds on the judges scorecards heading into the final round.


Winner by RTD round 9 Owen Cooper. Cooper is now the new WBO and English Welterweight champion. The contest was scheduled for 10 rounds.

🥊Pierce O’Leary vs Hovhannes Martirosyan

Pierce O’Leary scored an early knockdown 2 minutes into the opening round. Big Bang O’Leary continued to dominate Hovhannes Martirosyan in the second round, controlling the space and pressing his opponent. Hovhannes Martirosyan struggled to control the ring but was posing a threat offensively.

Martirosyan had some success in round 3 and 4, cutting O’Leary and managing to control periods of both rounds. Martirosyan clearly won round 5 and rocked O’Leary with a power shot at one point. O’Leary improved and shaded the next round.

O’Leary bounced back in round 7, stiffening the legs of Martirosyan and causing a bad cut beside his eye.

Martirosyan was finally stopped in the ninth round. Pierce O’Leary landed a left hook that dropped his opponent for the second time. Hovhannes Martirosyan sat on the floor and nodded as he was counted out.


Winner by TKO in round 9 Pierce O’Leary. O’Leary retains his WBC International Super Lightweight title. The contest was scheduled for 10 rounds.

🥊Ezra Taylor vs Prince Oko Nartey

Ezra Taylor vs Prince Oko Nartey

This bout aired on YouTube before the main card.

Ezra Taylor dominated the opening round, wobbling Prince Oko Nartey on several occasions.

The second round was a complete mess. Ezra Taylor scored a knockdown that looked like a slip. Taylor then pressed the action and Oko Nartey’s glove touched the canvas, but the referee missed it. Taylor came close to a stoppage but Oko Nartey weathered the storm.

Taylor continued as the aggressor in the third round but a low blow bought Oko Nartey some recovery time. Oko Nartey then suffered a Point Deduction for pressing Taylor’s head down in the clinch.

Round 4 saw Taylor score an early, clean knockdown on Prince Oko Nartey. He pressed for a stoppage and got one towards the end of the round. Taylor was continuing win shootouts against Oko Nartey and the referee waved the bout off. Oko Nartey protested the decision.


Winner by TKO in round 4 Ezra Taylor. Taylor now holds the Commonwealth Silver Light Heavyweight title. The contest was scheduled for 10 rounds.

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