Cameron vs Taylor 2 Full Results

Cameron vs Taylor 2 headlined the boxing at the 3Arena in Dublin Ireland on Saturday 25 November 2023. Chantelle Cameron vs Katie Taylor was being contested for the undisputed Super Lightweight World titles, with 8 other bouts featured on the undercard.

Here are the results from the show:

Before the Bell kicked off at 4:15 p.m on YouTube.

Giorgio Visioli vs Lee Sibley

Debutant Visioli won this bout in quick fashion, knocking down Sibley with a single shot. Sibley beat the count but had no balance, and the referee waved the fight off.

Giorgio Visioli vs Lee Sibley

Winner by TKO in round 1 Giorgio Visioli

John Cooney vs Liam Gaynor

John Cooney knocked Liam Gaynor down within a minute. 30 seconds later the referee waved the fight off with Gaynor taking heavy damage.

John Cooney vs Liam Gaynor

Winner by TKO in round 1 John Cooney

Emmet Brennan vs Jamie Morrissey

After a break in the action, Brennan vs Morrissey was next on the card.

Morrissey was cut beside his right eye in the second round from an elbow, but Brennan’s right eye was also damaged. After a competitive opening two rounds, Brennan took control in the third and dominated his opponent.

This was a lively fight with both men starting out positively. Morrissey was cut beside the right eye in the second round, with Brennan’s right eye also swollen. Brennan went into the ascendency in the third round and dominated his opponent, but Morrissey survived the onslaught. Morrissey was having more success with his jab as the rounds wore on, but Brennan continued to threaten on the inside and land more telling shots. Brennan grabbed a stoppage in the final round. Brennan caught Morrissey who spat his gumshield out to try and hold on, but Brennan jumped on him after the restart and the corner threw in the towel with a minute remaining.

Emmet Brennan vs Jamie Morrissey

Winner by RTD Round 8 Emmet Brennan.

Zelfa Barrett vs Constin Ion

Zelfa Barrett took this Before the Bell bout as a tune-up against Ion. Barrett controlled the opening six rounds without really stepping up the pace, but left Ion bleeding at the end of the seventh after he pushed for a KO. Ion lasted the 8 round distance without threatening Barrett with too much.

Winner by Points Decision 78-75 Zelfa Barrett

Skye Nicolson vs Lucy Wildheart

This bout was contested for Skye Nicolson’s WBA Interim Featherweight title.

Skye Nicolson took control of the contest, outworking Wildheart with superior speed and technique. Wildheart had the power advantage but failing to inflict any telling damage on Nicolson. Wildheart was bleeding from the nose in the ninth round, before they threw the towel in as Wildheart struggled with the pressure of Nicolson.

Skye Nicolson vs Lucy Wildheart

Winner via RTD Round 9 Skye Nicolson

Thomas Carty vs Dan Garber

A slow-paced 8 rounder between Carty and Garber eventually delivered with a knockdown and stoppage in the final round. Neither Carty nor Garber were able to land cleanly or regularly in the earlier rounds, and it became more about a battle of attrition. Dan Garber was dropped in the eighth and final round, but the referee waved it off despite Garber beating the count.

Winner by TKO Round 8 Thomas Carty

Paddy Donovan vs Danny Ball

Paddy Donovan jumped on Danny Ball in the fourth round, knocking him to the canvas twice. Dovovan was knocked down on the first occasion with a left hook, and looked visibly hurt. Ball beat the count but Donovan immediately jumped on his opponent, unleashing a long barrage that Ball withstood. Ball eventually bowed to the pressure and was knocked down a second time with a body shot, and looked to his corner who threw the towel in.

Paddy Donovan vs Danny Ball

Winner by RTD Round 4 Paddy Donovan

Gary Cully vs Reece Mould

Underdog and smaller-sized opponent Reece Mould started brightly in the opening three rounds, landing accurate shots and having success working the body. Cully started more effectively from the fourth round onwards, and put Mould onto the backfoot. Cully continued to outwork Mould in the latter rounds, although Mould arguably posed a greater threat when moving into range and attacking on the inside. Both fighters went for a stoppage in the final round when Mould pressuring Cully, but neither were seriously troubled and the bout went to the scorecards.

I don’t know why one card read 96-93, as there were no points deductions. I’d expect a further announcement on the points later.

Gary Cully vs Reece Mould

Winner via Split Decision 97-93 Mould, 97-93 Gary Cully, 96-93 Gary Cully, Gary Cully.

Chantelle Cameron vs Katie Taylor

This was contested for the Undisputed World Super Lightweight championships.

A dramatic first round saw Katie Taylor knocked to the ground by Cameron, with the referee ruling it a slip. Taylor started to operate in bursts and was having success against Cameron, taking the third round. A clash of heads between the pair caused a heavy cut to the forehead of Cameron at the end of the third round. Only 30 seconds of round 4 was completed until the ringside doctor was asked to examine Cameron, who was allowed to continue.

Four rounds in and Taylor was up on the scorecards. Round 5 saw Taylor evade Chantelle Cameron throughout the round, making the undisputed champion miss on a regular basis. Taylor’s hand speed allowed her to consistently outland her opponent, who failed to make use of her reach advantage. Cameron improved in round 6, but neither fighter clearly won the round, and Taylor took round 7.

The fight turned uglier in the eighth round with Cameron seeking to use her size as an advantage, picking up the round as Taylor was relatively inactive. The ninth round added to the ugliness as Taylor was holding her opponent regularly, but still outthrowing and landed the champion Cameron.

Cameron was visibly frustrated in the tenth round by the continuous holding, and glanced towards her corner in hope of advice. Taylor was lucky to avoid even a warning from the referee, but Cameron had no answer to the frequent tie-ups.

At the end of the tenth round, Katie Taylor celebrated as the champion Cameron tended to her bleed head from earlier in the fight.

Cameron vs Taylor 2 scorecards

Winner via Split Decision Katie Taylor 95-95, 98-92 & 96-94.

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