At Home With The Furys Episode Six Review

Episode 6: Will you marry me again?

The episode begins with a Tyson Fury Instagram message to Anthony Joshua, offering him the opportunity to fight him for the WBC Heavyweight championship. Paris Fury, who filmed the promotional video, says Tyson is happiest when he’s fighting and in the ring. Paris prefers her husband stays retired, and says injury and cuts in the ring worries her and the children. Speaking to his children about the fight, Tyson calls the bout “The Battle of Britain”. Daughter Venezuela doesn’t like him boxing, calling it “not a nice thing to see”.

Tyson later takes to Instagram again offering Joshua a 60/40 split of the earnings, but Paris says she doesn’t think Joshua will accept. Tyson says he can knock “the motherfucker”(Joshua) out with 5 weeks training, shorter than the typical 8/12 week camps. Venezuela is keen to attend some of the build-up for Tyson’s fight, such as the press conferences, but doesn’t want to watch the fight itself as that would be too much.

Tyson plans a trip to Cannes with Paris before his training camp. He plans to re-marry Paris for a third time at their “happy place”. Tyson explains to the camera he wasn’t happy with his proposals the first two times, with them basically being agreements rather than typical proposals, and wants to do it properly this time around.

Turning back to boxing, Tyson explains the deal with Joshua isn’t done, but a term sheet has been agreed. Joshua has already begun his training camp according to Tyson, but they remain in negotiations over the contents of the term sheet. Paris and Tyson take a private jet to Cannes. After landing, Tyson gets a call from Queensberry promoter Frank Warren, regarding problems with the Joshua bout. Speaking to the camera, Tyson says that he advised his promoter Frank to give Joshua everything he wants.

Paris receives a photo back home of her four year old son Adonis Fury, who has shaved the middle of their hair off using some clippers to be like his dad. Tyson and Paris then take to the streets of Cannes with two bodyguards, but they still attract the attention of people in the street, no matter where they visit. The pair enter a private restaurant, followed by Tyson surprising Paris with an engagement offer written on a dessert plate. Paris accepts the third engagement and the episode ends.

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