At Home With The Furys Episode Five Review

Episode 5: I’m Coming Home Baby

The episode begins with the death of Tyson Fury’s cousin, Rico Burton. Tyson was informed of the news shortly after the AJ vs Usyk II bout in the last episode. The following morning, they received the news Rico had been stabbed and murdered. Paris Fury discusses the news, and says Tyson has locked himself away since the news, and probably wishes he was home. But the couple remain in Mallorca since the last episode, and Tyson has a show due in front of 1500 people later that evening. Back in Mallorca, Tyson believes anyone who uses a knife in a fight should be castrated. He also states “life is very, very fragile”. Paris tries to raise Tyson’s dark mood, but he remains downbeat and vulnerable by the sudden loss of Rico Burton.

Tyson arrives for his planned After Party tour date, with John Fury, Paris and his entourage accompanying him. Tyson is doing meet and greets with fans and taking photographs as he normally would, but John remarks on how Tyson is just masking his pain. Tyson takes to the stage, but quickly turns the topic to Rico Burton. The atmosphere dips as Tyson discusses the news, but Tyson manages to raise the mood by giving a positive seize the moment type speech, and leaves the stage to applause.

Paris worrys the following day as Tyson remains stoic and quiet. Tyson requests the cameras politely “fuck off” as he has nothing he wants to say on camera. Paris says Tyson’s promoter (unnamed) rang him to discuss a fight, but Tyson said his cousin had died and just hung up the phone. Tyson hasn’t said much to Paris the following day, but he posts a demand on Instagram for half a billion in the next 7 days to make the fight. Paris says Tyson doesn’t know his own mind at the minute. Paris calls it “quite a big ask”. She asks him if he actually wants to fight again, but doesn’t get a clear answer.

Tyson begins to explain the value of money. He does the bins with his children, before taking to the chippy and complaining at the £26.10 price for his meal. Tyson talks to the camera, and says there’s many offers from many countries against Usyk. He remarks that Usyk beating him would be a remarkable achievement, and Tyson can’t give Usyk that opportunity easily. A phone call outside a restaurant reveals the date of November 12th 2022 as his next fight date. Paris is surprised as she wasn’t aware Tyson was looking to fight, and asks who is the opponent. No opponent is named. Tyson says he is no longer retired, and he will fight on until he can’t continue.

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