At Home With The Furys Episode Seven Review

Episode 7: D-Day for AJ

The episode begins in Cannes, France, where Tyson and Paris Fury got re-re-engaged the previous night and episode. Paris and Tyson squabble when their holiday is briefly interrupted by Tyson taking a business call. The topic switches to daughter Venezuela’s upcoming 13th birthday, but Tyson isn’t interested in attending the occasion. He’s keen to live on a boat, travel to a fight, knock a motherfucker out, and go back to the boat. They eventually return back to Morecambe and the Fury home.

Tyson Fury continues to issue Instagram messages aimed at Anthony Joshua, his heavyweight rival. Tyson goades Joshua in various ways demanding the contract is accepted. He calls Joshua a little sausage, a shit bag, and his regular insult of bodybuiler. He insists he will fight December 3rd as intended. Tyson heads to Manchester to attend Joseph Parker vs Joe Joyce, in support of his friend Parker. He’s greeted by fans along the way, and enjoys being at the centre of their attention.

Tyson’s in an interesting business meeting. Boxxer promoter Ben Shalom, John Fury, Shane and Tyson Fury and his entourage are discussing an opponent in case Fury vs Joshua doesn’t happen. Shane asks Ben Shalom who Tyson should face if Joshua pulls out. “Derek” responds Ben. “I would fight Derek” (Derek Chisora). “Who else is there” asks Ben Shalom, and Tyson says he’s looking for a good dance partner. Tyson also complains Chisora has turned down 2 million pound. Who knew Ben Shalom (who makes no further appearances) played such a role in Tyson’s matchmaking?

Paris Fury and Molly-Mae Fury are discussing attending fights. Molly-Mae is heavily pregnant but plans to attend her partners upcoming bout against Paul Bamba, being held in Saudi Arabia. We move back to Parker vs Joyce. Tyson’s supremely confident in Joseph Parker, saying he sold 600-700 tickets just from Morecambe. He’s become an adopted Morecambe lad. Tyson is sat beside his promoter Frank Warren, shouting out instructions. Parker is dropped by Joyce heavily in the eleventh round, and loses by knockout. Tyson admits the better man won and praises Joyce. A confrontation emerges between Chisora and Fury ringside, in an attempt to spice up their potential bout.

Tyson organises a daddy daughter day at the spa. He usually takes the boys or little kids somewhere, but wanted to take Venezuela somewhere for her birthday. Tyson even makes jokes about Joshua throughout the trip, and complains to strangers that he Joshua doesn’t sign the contract, he’s bitched out. Tyson enquires about the details of Venezuela’s upcoming party, a little concerned his daughter will be “promenading”. Tyson talks about 2016, and says he remembers Venezuela’s crying when he had to give his belts up.

Tyson makes another Instagram video. D-Day. He calls Joshua a big bodybuilding pussy. Tyson causes so much commotion filming the videos that Paris thinks Joshua has signed the contract. Tyson remains upbeat, seeming to relish in Joshua not signing the contract for the timebeing. Down in the gym, Tyson works out and says if the contract isn’t done by the time he leaves, the fight is off. 3 minutes before the end, Tyson calls his lawyer, who advised George (Warren) him to keep it going until midnight. The lawyer asks Tyson to keep quiet. Tyson celebrates the passing of D-Day, and makes a video saying the fight is off. Tyson is treating this as a victory.

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