Ariel Helwani MVP Fight Week Host for Serrano vs Meinke

Ariel Helwani has been confirmed as the host of fight week for Amanda Serrano’s next fight in Puerto Rico. Serrano vs Meinke headlines an MVP boxing show on 02 March also featuring Jake Paul vs Ryan Bourland.

The host of the MMA Hour Helwani will feature as the host of the MVP Fight Week Press Conference on 29 February. Ariel Helwani will also appear on-stage during the weigh-in’s as a reporter on Friday 01 March to grab interviews with the fighters after making weight.

Ariel Helwani hosted the announcement press conference for Serrano vs Meinke, continuing his patronage of the boxing world into 2024. Helwani has traditionally been associated more with MMA but his MMA Hour show regularly covers boxing.

Amanda Serrano vs Nina Meinke will see Serrano defend her Unified World Featherweight titles in 12, 3 minute rounds. Gonzalez vs Santiago is a second world title bout for the WBO World Light Flyweight title. Jake Paul vs Ryan Bourland features as chief support.

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