Social Media Reaction to Bentley vs Heaney

Queensberry promotions held their Magnificent 7 card on Saturday 18 November 2023, headlined by Bentley vs Heaney for the British Middleweight title.

Linus Udofia

British Middleweight and former opponent reacts to Denzel Bentley’s loss.

Barry Jones

Denzel Bentley

Denzel Bentley reacts to his loss to Nathan Heaney.

TNT Sports Panel

Laura Woods, Carl Frampton and Steve Bunce discuss the result of Bentley vs Heaney.

Random Manchester fan

Josh Taylor

Former Undisputed Super Lightweight Champion.

Sam Jones

Boxing Advisor

Gareth A Davies

British Boxing Journalist

Jack Catterall

British Super Lightweight

Frank Warren

Queensberry promoter

Boxing News

Dev Sahni

Queensberry Host

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