Re-scoring Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou

The scorecards at the end of Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou have caused some controversy, with some fans insisting that Francis Ngannou deserved to be declared the victor. Many members of the boxing and MMA world took to social media insisting that Francis Ngannou should have been declared the victor.

I’ve taken a look at the fight a second time, and re-scored the fight round-by-round.

Round 1

Fury comfortably took the first round. He out landed Francis Ngannou and landed the more telling shots. Ngannou started slow and grew into the round. 10-9 Fury

Round 2

Fury marginally takes round 2. Fury outlanded Ngannou again, although Ngannou cut Fury and landed the more telling shots, Fury just landed more of them. 20-18 Fury

Round 3

Francis Ngannou takes round 3, 10-8. Ngannou scored a knockdown but also won the round outright. 28-28 Even.

Round 4

A tight round. Fury takes the round. Scrappier than the previous round, but Fury was more active at the end of the round to take it. 38-37 Fury.

Round 5

Fury takes round 5. Fury outlanded Ngannou and found some form towards the end of the round. 48-46 Fury.

Round 6

Fury takes round 6. Little activity from Ngannou as Fury boxes on the outside and outboxes his opponent. 58-55 Fury.

Round 7

Ngannou takes round 7. Ngannou closed the distance between him and Fury better and landed the more telling shots. 67-65 Fury.

Round 8

Ngannou clearly picks up round 8. Ngannou landed multiple shots to Fury at close range and dictated the action. 76-75 Fury.

Round 9

Tyson Fury wins round 9. Tight round but Fury outboxed Ngannou. 86-84 Fury.

Round 10

Tyson Fury wins round 10. Both fighters were inactive but Fury outboxed Ngannou on the outside.

Final scores read 96-93 in favour of Tyson Fury. This matches the total of the first judge, although they gave round 2 to Ngannou, and round 7 to Fury.

The judge that scored the bout 95-94 in Francis Ngannou’s favour gave round 1 and 10 in his favour, which I cannot understand.

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