Otabek Kholmatov vs Raymond Ford Results

Top Rank hosted a Featherweight Title Double Header on Saturday 02 March 2024 in Las Vegas. Two Featherweight World championship bouts included Otabek Kholmatov vs Raymond Ford in the main event and Luiz Alberto Lopez vs Reiya Abe as Chief Support. Here are the full Otabek Kholmatov vs Raymond Ford results.

Luis Alberto Lopez vs Reiya Abe and Otabek Kholmatov vs Raymond Ford

Otabek Kholmatov vs Raymond Ford

This bout was contested for the vacant WBA World Featherweight title.

This was a battle of styles. Otabek Kholmatov had greater power and outworked his American opponent Raymond Ford. Ford in turn was faster and tried to attack in flurries, but this came with prolonged periods of inactivity.

Kholmatov took the early rounds but Ford grew into the contest. Ford was having success on the inside but remained prone to body shots from his Uzbek opponent.

Otabek Kholmatov was buzzed in round 8 and sought to retreat. He spent the rest of the round exchanging with Savage Raymond Ford but lost the battle with a looser guard.

By the latter rounds the fight appeared to be split in styles if not scoring. Kholmatov was consistently better at range but Ford won most exchanges on the inside. Kholmatov won the start of most rounds but Ford would outperform him in the final minute.

Round 11 saw Ray Ford cut on his cheek from a head clash. Kholmatov tried to capitalise on the injury and pressured Ford, who again rallied in the last minute to try and take the round.

Round 12 saw both men throw everything at it, and Raymond Ford caught Otabek Kholmatov. Kholmatov was badly hurt from the shot and fell to the floor after a push. In a poor bit of decision-making Kholmatov immediately rose to his feet, but it was obvious his legs had gone.

Ford pounced on the wounded Kholmatov, landing multiple blows and chasing him around the ring. Kholmatov turned his back in the corner and the referee waved it off. Only 7 seconds remained. Kholmatov was ahead on the scorecards.

Winner by TKO in round 12 Raymond Ford

Otabek Kholmatov vs Raymond Ford Scorecard

Luis Alberto Lopez vs Reiya Abe

Lopez vs Abe

This bout was contested for Luis Alberto Lopez’s IBF World Featherweight title.

The champion Luis Alberto Lopez was aggressive from the outset, leaving Reiya Abe with a heavily swollen eye after just 2 rounds. Lopez continued to hammer Abe round after round, but he survived both Lopez and several doctors inspections. Abe did his best to remain competitive but he wasn’t inflicting damage the kind of damage champion Venato Lopez did.

Lopez not only targeted Abe’s eye but continued to hit power shots to the body. By the start of round 8, Reiya Abe had a welt underneath his ‘good’ eye. A big flurry from Luis Alberto Lopez caused the referee to stop in, with Reiya Abe having little to no chance of winning the bout.

Winner by TKO in round 8 Luis Alberto Lopez

Post-fight, Lopez mentioned facing the winner of Oscar Valdez vs Liam Wilson.

Brian Norman Jr vs Janelson Bocachica

This fight started with a bang. Janelson Bocachica suffered an early cut in the first round just above his left eye from a clash of heads. Brian Norman Jr was knocked down shortly after for the first time in his career with a single right hand.

Norman Jr was left bloodied in the second round, caused by a clear elbow from Bocachica. Both fighters were streaming blood in the third round and Bocachica’s vision was clearly impaired, whereas Norman Jr’s cut was a nuisance at most.

Janelson Bocachica seemingly chose to take a No Contest rather than continuing into round 4. The cut was a distraction and continued to bleed, so Bocachica’s corner took the smart decision and withdrew their fighter.

No Decision due to “excessive bleeding” caused by an accidental head clash in round 1. The fight ended after 3 rounds.

Bryce Mills vs Gerffred Ngayot

Bryce Mills put in a solid performance to defeat Gerffred Ngayot on points. Mills outlanded and outfought Ngayot to secure a comfortable victory.

Winner by Unanimous Decision Bryce Mills 60-54 (x2), 58-56

Troy Isley vs Marcos Hernandez

Middleweight Troy Isley secured victory with a seventh round KO over Marcos Hernandez. Isley landed a single right hand and although Hernandez beat the count, he was on spaghetti legs. Isley was dominant throughout the fight and would’ve easily secured victory on the scorecards.

Winner by KO round 7 Troy Isley

Floyd Diaz vs Edwin Rodriguez

Brian ‘Bomac’ McIntyre worked the corner for Floyd Diaz.

Floyd Diaz picked up a comprehensive victory over Edwin Rodriguez. Diaz was at ease throughout the 8 round contest and cruised to a victory on the scorecards.

Winner by Unanimous Decision Floyd Diaz 80-72, 78-74, 79-71.

Rohan Polanco vs Tarik Zaina

Rohan Polanco dominated the majority of the bout against Tarik Zaina. Polanco scored a dubious knockdown in round 7 and came close to stopping Zaina. Polanco scored a second more vicious knockdown in the final round. Zaina was seconds away from being stopped but survived to hear the final bell.

Winner by Unanimous Decision Rohan Polanco 79-71 (x2) 78-72.

Nico Ali Walsh vs Luke Iannuccilli

Middleweight Nico Ali Walsh competed in a six-rounder against Luke Iannuccilli. Walsh picked up a routine victory and controlled most of the contest.

Winner by Unanimous Decision Nico Ali Walsh 60-54 (x2), 59-55.

Brandon Moore vs Helaman Olguin

Brandon Moore won every round picking up a Unanimous Decision victory over Helaman Olguin.

Photos courtesy of Mikey Williams/Top Rank

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