Misfits Boxing X Series 012 to be cancelled following PBA Suspension?

Misfits Boxing X Series 012 event was thrown into chaos earlier today after the PBA suspended their promoters licence.

The Professional Boxing Association is the sanctioning body used by Misfits Boxing in order to regulate their events. The PBA have suspended Misfits Boxing’s licence for bringing the sport into disrepute and in the interest of fighter safety, leaving them without a sanctioning body.

Misfits Boxing have just 8 days to resolve the issues with the PBA, or find another organisation willing to sanction Misfits X Series 012.

Earlier today, the PBA announced it was conducting a disciplinary hearing for Ed Matthews. The hearing was to determine whether Ed Matthews was a fit and proper person to hold a PBA licence, following allegations of drug use online.

The hearing is yet to take place, but the PBA issued an additional statement later in the day. The PBA stated:

Due to the clear violations of the PBA’s rules and regulations, bringing boxing into disrepute and in the interest of boxer safety, Misfits Boxing Promoters’ licences have been suspended and disciplinary hearings will follow for such licence holders.

Although unconfirmed, it seems likely that issues with licencing Ed Matthews have caused Misfits Boxing suspension.

There has been no official response from Misfits Boxing since the news broke, other than confirmation they have relinquished their licence.

Mams Taylor has confirmed he intends to proceed with the event, but there’s no confirmation on who is sanctioning the boxing.

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