Knockout Chaos Press Conference Quotes

A press conference was held in Saudi Arabia earlier today to promote the upcoming Knockout Chaos PPV show this Friday. Here are the key quotes from the Knockout Chaos press conference.

Anthony Joshua

“I had about 10 days off then got back to the grind. God is good and we are happy. All will be revealed,  straight out war, relentlessness, a good fight, That is what everyone is here for, a good fight. We are not looking past this fight, the incentives and all that stuff, it is just about a win. I’ve got to focus on my game plan and what I’ve got to do. His first dream was to be a boxer, which people forget. He had been doing it from a young age so I know what I am up against because I look at all these small details. I spar, I do my film study and keep it professional, but what happens on the night is different and all that textbook stuff goes out of the window and you’ve just got to be relentless. It is already written in the stars what is going to happen, I am just going to follow my destiny. It is our duty to do what we’ve got to do for these people out here to give them the fights they want to see. It is our duty to entertain them. This is the life and it is what I signed up to do. The best man will always win, it is not rocket science and one of the main things I am looking forward to is showing how good I am. Friday will soon come, Friday will soon go and I am looking forward to the occasion.”

Francis Ngannou

“I really think I haven’t shocked the world. I am still in the factory, building, training, learning and when I really get it, that is when the world is going to be shocked. I am just working and learning about the sport I have loved my entire life. Now I am getting the opportunity to really do it, get some experience and now I can do something really nice. I trust the process, I trust my team and the work we are putting in. It is going to pay off. Everything is a clue, every space where there is an opening, I am going to hit. I am not going to leave any stone unturned or any opportunity unexplored. It was a flawless performance, a great performance [by AJ in December] and I watched the fight closely. For me it doesn’t mean anything because I know I am no Wallin. It is a different opponent and it will be a different feeling. When we get in the ring, that is when we know the fight. I do struggle to do 10 rounds and, if you don’t, then you are not human. Everybody gets tired after 10 rounds and I have no problem with it because it is a learning process and I am here to learn. This will be the best so far, but I am only just getting started. I am really looking to get the victory on Friday night but I don’t think this will be any statement on my career because the road is still long. The reason I am here is because I always believe in myself, I do my best, but I cannot control the outcome. I believe in my determination, my dedication and the work I put in in order to have what I want.”

Frank Warren

“We couldn’t wish for any more, we are in boxing heaven. Fabulous shows, fabulous undercards and it doesn’t get any better than this. What you can expect [from Nick Ball] is non-stop action. He has got a fantastic opportunity here and I can’t tell you how highly I think of him. Whatever he has had to do he has done in absolute style. We call him the Wrecking Ball and that is exactly what he is. I’m sure he will take this opportunity with both hands against I guy I think is the best featherweight in the division. I think we are going to get something special and I do think if anybody can pull this off, It’s Nick. I do think there will be a knockout [in Zhang v Parker], they are both absolute quality fighters and there is a common denominator in Joe Joyce and it is funny how styles make fights and so forth. Somebody is going to win on May 18 – I believe it will be Tyson – and all these guys are jockeying for position to be at that big table, to get a shot at the No.1 guy. So these are all important fights, exciting fights and they are all really well-matched fights.”

Eddie Hearn

“Every fight is important in this process to regain the world heavyweight championship. This is a fight that came out of nowhere. Francis, through his achievements in MMA, earned the chance to step up on the big stage, I thought he performed excellently against Tyson Fury and earned the right to fight any heavyweight. It is quite remarkable that on his professional debut he fought Tyson Fury and now he is fighting Anthony Joshua. It is a remarkable run and it is a real challenge. I can’t see any aspect that Francis is better than Anthony in. However, he is strong, he is powerful and he’s dangerous. AJ will do what he does and that is perform. This is the best Anthony Joshua we have ever seen in his career. He is the best heavyweight on the planet.

Zhilei Zhang

“By sitting here I am getting the recognition I deserve, everybody saw what I did to Joe Joyce, back to back. Joseph Parker is a helluva fighter, he is young, hungry and here for the belt. I am the tiger here, I am here to hunt and, if you want to take the food out of my mouth, you are going to pay the price.

Joseph Parker

“Zhang says he wants to bang me. I want to say to Zhang, ‘I want to bang you’. Zhang did an excellent job in beating Joe Joyce twice and I am a totally different fighter now to when I fought Joe Joyce, physically and mentally. I am up for the challenge, I am always up for the challenge. He is the favourite going into this fight, but I will show you what I can do come fight night. I have a great team that I fully trust and believe in. When everything is going good in camp, you feel great and you are seeing results, I feel dangerous, I really do. Zhang is going to feel that danger. I am going to go in there and bang him!”

Nick Ball

“It is massive and you only have to look around to see what’s happening and I am made up to be here. I’ve got my opportunity and I am going to take it with both hands. I respect all fighters and he is a world champion so he is No.1, for now. Come Friday night, that is going to change. It is always the goal to remain focused and that is what I am doing now, taking each day as it comes and enjoying this experience. I am ready to get the job done. No-one knows what’s going to happen until you get in the ring and I am definitely coming in explosive, so we will soon find out. It will mean everything to me because this is a life-changing fight.”

Rey Vargas

“This fight I take pretty seriously, it is a mandatory fight and I am ready to defend my title and talk with my fists, not with words. I understand that every promoter is happy to see his fighter in the ring, but there are only two people in the ring. I am ready to fight. We can fight today, tomorrow or any time – I am ready to fight. I am a true champion and my record speaks for itself. On Friday I will prove myself as I have throughout my career. You will see Rey Vargas giving everything in the ring.”

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