Gorman vs Myronets Results

Wasserman Boxing held a card on Friday 01 December 2023 featuring Gorman vs Myronets & Watson vs Lallemand live on Channel 5.

The card was held at the Bolton Whites Hotel, in Bolton England.

Here are the full results from the show:

Iman Naseeb vs Jake Pollard

Debutant Naseeb made easy work of journeyman Pollard, outpointing him across 4 rounds without ever really threatening a stoppage.

Iman Naseeb vs Jake Pollard

Winner by Points Decision 40-36 Iman Naseeb

Samir Aftab vs Nabil Ahmed

Aftab was competing in the Bolton Whites Hotel for the fifth consecutive time, but this was his first 6 round contest.

It was a competitive 6 round affair, but Ahmed did the better work and narrowly shaded a points decision victory.

Samir Aftab vs Nabil Ahmed

Winner by Points Decision 58-57 Nabil Ahmed

Abdul Khan vs Eddie Lopez

A four round contest controlled by the A-side fighter, and cousin of Amir Khan, Abdul Khan.

Winner by Points Decision 40-36 Abdul Khan

Adbul Khan vs Eddie Lopez

Nelson Birchall vs Eliecer Quezada

A professional debut for Morecambe’s decorated amateur Birchall. Birchall started strongly, heavily pressuring his opponent in the opening round and bloodying his nose. Quezada tried meeting fire with fire in the next three rounds, admirably catching Birchall on occasion in between receiving a thorough beatdown.

The final round was closer between the pair, Birchall was close to getting a stoppage, but took a number of shots from Quezada and showed little regard for defence.

Winner by Points Decision 40-36 Nelson Birchall

Nelson Birchall vs Eliecer Quezada

Isaac Lowe vs Jonatas Rodrigo

Isaac Lowe had been the original intended headliner for this card against Lee McGregor, but this was cancelled following injury to McGregor.

Lowe came out aggressively, knocking his opponent down towards the end of the first round. Rodrigo failed to beat the 10 count with Lowe picking up a simple KO victory.

Isaac Lowe vs Jonatas Rodrigo

Winner by KO in round 1 Isaac Lowe

Codie Smith vs Darryl Tapfuma

Codie Smith was cut beside the right eye in round 2 following a clash of heads. Tapfuma tried to capitalise on the injury and targeted the eye, but Smith continued to outwork and outland his opponent. Tapfuma gained the advantage in round 4, Smith picked up warnings for a low blow and holding, and Tapfuma scored a knockdown from a right hand.

Codie Smith vs Darryl Tapfuma

A tight fifth round followed, with Tapfuma probably shading the action. Tapfuma then took the sixth and final round, showing far more activity than Codie Smith.

Codie Smith vs Darryl Tapfuma

Referee Decision 57-57 Draw

James Moorcroft vs Matthew Rennie

Moorcroft and Rennie contested 8 back and forth rounds that saw neither man step back. Both Moorcroft vs Rennie was a slugfest from bell to bell; Rennie had some earlier success but Moorcroft finished the stronger of the two. Both raised their arms afloat at the conclusion of the contest thinking they had done enough.

James Moorcroft vs Matthew Rennie

Winner by Points Decision 77-75 Matthew Rennie

Nathan Gorman vs Bohdan Myronets

Over 5 stone in weight difference between the heavyweight pair, with Gorman weighing near 300 pounds. Myronets previously beat Kash Ali on a Wasserman Boxing show earlier this year.

Myronets started well in the bout, taking two of the first three rounds and tiring his larger opponent. Myronets continued to outperform Gorman in round 4 as neither fighter applied much pressure to each other, and Myronets was able to easily outland his opposition with a strong jab.

Gorman adopted a strategy of throwing bombs, and he simply wasn’t landing on Myronets. He stepped up the pace in round 7 and was able to land successive blows, but Myronets stood tall and absorbed the damage.

The final round didn’t see any improvement in output from Gorman, as Myronets strategy of outworking him succeeded with little in the way of resistance.

Winner by Points Decision 77-76 Bohdan Myronets

Chloe Watson vs Justine Lallemand

This bout was contested over 10 rounds for the EBU European Flyweight title.

Watson started in a lively fashion, taking the opener against the much taller Justine Lallemand. Watson backed Lallemand up heavily in round 4 against the ropes, completely negating the size advantage and pushing for an early stoppage.

Lallemand came back into contention during the middle rounds, leaning heavily on Watson when she worked at close range. It became a clash of styles with a lot of swing rounds between the pair, and little to separate them in the middle rounds. Watson ensured victory by pressing the action in the final rounds, although the rounds continued to be competitive.

Winner via Unanimous Decision 96-94, 97-93 (x2) Chloe Watson

Dan Toward vs Fabrizio Rubino

Debutant Dan Toward closed the show quickly, ending his 4 round contest in the second round with a TKO.

Winner via TKO in round 2 Dan Toward

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