At Home With The Furys Episode Three Review

Episode 3: Picking a Fight with a Viking

The episode begins with Tyson Fury at his impulsive best. Tyson suddenly decides he wants to visit Pompeii to see the volcano that “whalloped everyone”. He invites John Fury along for the sudden adventure, but Tyson quickly becomes disinterested in his own idea. Despite intending to travel the next day, Tyson cancels the trip, opting instead to book a rare weekend away with his wife, Paris Fury.

The episode continues on with Tyson and Tommy Fury sat chatting in a cafe. They begin to talk boxing. Tyson is asking Tommy about his activity, and why he can’t box two or three more times this year. When interviewed, Tyson says he’s proud of his half brother Tommy, noting his undefeated record. When Tommy is interviewed, he admits he tries to avoid discussing boxing too much with Tyson, there’s no sense of equals or compatriots when it comes to boxing. The scene ends with Tommy stating he wants to get the most he can out of boxing, and then move onto starring in horror movies.

Next, Tyson is now onto a project, trying to set up an exhibition fight. He starts talking up Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, better known as Hafthor, Thor, or as ‘The Mountain’ in Game of Thrones. Thor (2-0-2) is a decorated Icelandic strongman who has competed four times in the ring, notably defeat Eddie Hall is a surprisingly good heavyweight contest. Tyson is keen on facing Thor in Iceland, and the pair exchange a video call with both keen to do it. Tyon seems 100% ready to fight, Thor is a bit sceptical about the proposal, unsure if Tyson will follow through.

Tyson and Paris Fury then embark on a weekend away in Scotland. Tyson’s mood takes a turn almost immediately. Tyson was excited earlier in the program to cancel his sudden Pompeii trip to travel with Paris, but now the moment has arrived he is looking for an exit. Tyson is moody and unhappy in the car journey from Morecambe to Scotland, but Paris remarks in an interview that Tyson’s mood can flip instantaneously, and hopes he will be in better spirits. Tyson and Paris eventually patch things up, with the pair engaging in a debate about dog shit. A romantic boat trip with a picnic follows.

Tyson, John Fury and his crew then embark on a trip to Iceland. The plan? To call out Thor. The problem? Tyson didn’t call ahead, and Thor is filming a commercial in Rome. So the heavyweight champion is in Iceland now, doing absolutely nothing. A miserable trip follows, like a stag do being filmed by your fiance, as tee-total Tyson tries to entertain himself with anything viking. Once that becomes dull, he leaves Iceland and then sours on the idea of facing Thor. It serves Thor right for not being in Iceland, at all times, in case Tyson shows up to call him out. Mountains don’t move.

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