Undisputed Career Mode announced for boxing video game

Boxing video game Undisputed is adding a career mode to the game from 12 February 2024, following a delay from Autumn 2024. The game is being produced by Steel City Interactive in Sheffield and is currently in Early Access on the Steam store exclusively on PC.

Undisputed announced the long-awaited feature Career Mode in a YouTube video. Details still remain hazy, but there was confirmation that you are able to choose your own opposition, own trainer, negotiate your own fight contracts and become Undisputed by conquering all four belts.

Alongside the announcement of a Career Mode came news of a character creator. The addition of a character creator was inevitable for Career Mode in order to bulk out the roster for Career Mode, enabling you to face ‘no names’ as you rise through the ranks.

Alongside the announcement of career mode, Undisputed announced this will be the final content update the game will receive. The developers at Steel City Interactive intend to focus on polish for the game ahead of a full release, with fans hoping this will lead to the game being available to Playstation and Xbox console owners.

Undisputed has also confirmed a price increase will be coming with the addition of career mode. Career mode will be added to the game for current Early Access purchasers, but the price will be increase in the coming weeks for anyone purchasing the game.

Undisputed features one of the greatest rosters put together for a boxing video game. Checkout the roster via the link: Undisputed – Discover an authentic boxing experience. (playundisputed.com)

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