Tyson Fury “It’s going to be very daunting when he has the Undertaker in the ring with him.”

Tyson Fury spoke on his upcoming Undisputed Heavyweight title clash with Oleksandr Usyk this Saturday night at Ring of Fire in Ryadh, Saudi Arabia.

The WBC Heavyweight champion entered the Grand Arrivals on Tuesday donning an Undertaker hat. Fury spoke with Top Rank Press on being in Saudi Arabia, facing unbeaten Oleksandr Usyk and what he expects on fight night. Here is what Tyson Fury had to say:

“It feels absolutely fantastic to be in the great Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I’m feeling fantastic. I can’t wait to put a good show on. There’s so many people coming. It’s such an event. All the big stars are here. It’s going to be epic. I can’t wait for Saturday night.”

“If I was fighting an old dosser on Saturday night who had five fights and lost them all, it would be very important to me. Every fight I’ve ever had is important to me. Every little fight along the way was important to me. I believe that every left and right turn I’ve ever taken in my life, every time I’ve fallen over, and every time I’ve climbed up was all leading to this moment. It’s destiny.”

“I predict that somebody’s ‘0’ has got to go. And it’s going to be that team over there, unfortunately for them. Oleksandr Usyk is a great fighter. Olympic gold medalist, cruiserweight world champion, heavyweight world champion. But, unfortunately for him, he has to come against the great Tyson Fury in the era of me. I’m really looking forward to Saturday night.”

“Even if he had 20 million people screaming his name, they cannot fight for him on the night. And when there’s two men in there on the night, it’s going to be very daunting when he has the undertaker in the ring with him.”

Photo Courtesy: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

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