Re-scoring Campbell Hatton vs Sonni Martinez

Campbell Hatton vs Sonni Martinez was held on 25 September 2021 at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, on the undercard of Joshua vs Usyk. The six round bout was meant to be a simple run out for Hatton, but the contest proved to be far harder than expected. Hatton won the six round bout 58-57, but boxing fans decried the decision and scored it in favour of underdog Martinez. Here we re-score the bout ourselves to see how the scorecards should have read.

Round 1

A round for Campbell Hatton. Hatton was more active than his opponent and controlled most of the round, although Martinez threatened at the end with a flurry of body shots.

Score: Hatton 10-9 Martinez

Round 2

A swing round in favour of Martinez. A tale of two halves as Martinez dominated the first half of the round but was largely inactive for the latter half. Martinez had a lightning start but Hatton was throwing far more shots than Martinez later on. Martinez landed the more telling shots in the first half of round 2 and takes the round.

Score: Hatton 19-19 Martinez

Round 3

Another close round but this time in favour of Campbell Hatton. Martinez’ movement caused Hatton problems, but Hatton simply outworked his opponent in the round and landed a few decent shots in the process.

Score: Hatton 29-28 Martinez

Hatton vs Martinez

Round 4

Close action between Martinez and Hatton, but the round goes to Martinez. He landed the more telling shots in the round, particularly to the body, and Hatton wasn’t able to land as many significant shots.

Score: Hatton 38-38 Martinez

Round 5

A clear round for Sonni Martinez. Martinez landed the more telling shots throughout the round, and upped his tempo throwing far more shots. Hatton was active and landing on Martinez, but landed far less significant shots.

Score: Martinez 48-47 Hatton

Round 6

A clear round for Sonni Martinez. Martinez emptied his gas tank and landed far more telling shots than Campbell Hatton. Hatton continued to land shots on Martinez but none were particularly telling.

Score: Martinez 58-56 Hatton

Final scorecard:

Martinez 58-56 Hatton

Referee scorecard:

Hatton 58-57 Martinez

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