Jake Paul “Mike will be put to sleep and he will feel my power”

MVP held their press conference for Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson taking place live on Netflix later this summer. Here is what Cruiserweight turned Heavyweight Jake Paul had to say about his upcoming bout.

On whether the fight is scripted: I hope y’all keep that same energy when I knock this old man the f*ck out. Clearly, they don’t have a high IQ in here, but that’s a federal crime.

On Tyson calling him fat: Hey, Buster Douglas was fat. Am I right? I know, but you know Buster Douglas, I’m better. I’m going to end you quicker than he did and you’ll remember that forever. You started me off. [Note: Paul made his pro boxing debut on the undercard of Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr.] I appreciate that. Mike, I love you. I love you like a father loves his son, but I must discipline you. You’re going down, man. 

On being able to knock out Tyson: What I promise to the people is on July 20th, Mike will be put to sleep and he will feel my power and I will go down as the man who put Tyson to sleep for the last time.

On whether this fight will be a stamp of approval, if he wins:  They say he’s the baddest man on the planet, so let’s find out. Apparently he’s the final boss… I love the biggest challenges in the world. That’s what’s made my whole entire career is taking big risks and I want the toughest guy out there. I want the biggest fights and making history is what I’ve done my whole entire career. And this is no different. Netflix, Mike Tyson. It doesn’t get any bigger than this and everyone will see July 20th.

In response to being booed by the crowd: Hey Dallas, shut the f*ck up. Y’all keep booing, I’m going to keep doing. That’s how y’all want to do it? Let’s f*cking do it. Keep booing. I keep doing. I told y’all [you’re] the ultimate f*cking hillbillies. Go milk a cow. 

On setting the gate record in Texas (surpassing Canelo vs Saunders): I just have one thing to say, Canelo: ¿Quién es la cara del boxeo ahora papi? (Translation: Who is the face of boxing now papi?)

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