Fury vs Ngannou Results Including Undercard

Here are the results for Fury vs Ngannou, which was held in Saudi Arabia and took place on 28 October 2023. The card was promoted by Queensberry and Top Rank, and broadcast via TNT Sports (UK), ESPN+ (US), and DAZN (Other).


Jack McGann wins via TKO round 2.


This started extremely slow, as a heavy Martin Bakole planted his feet and waited for Takam to move into range.

The second opened up a little as Bakole’s power was clearly felt by Takam, who in turn wasn’t wobbling Martin Bakole.

The third round caught fire as the pair fought in close-quarters with little regard for defence. Bakole caught Takam multiple times, and in the fourth had him on wobbly legs. Bakole switched to the body, landed multiple times again, and the referee waved the bout off. The corner appeared to be throwing in the towel as well.

Winner is Martin Bakole by TKO round 4.


Moses Itauma knocked Istvan Bernath down once in the first round. Bernath rose to his feet, Itauma was far too fast for him and landed shot after shot. The referee waved it with a little over 2 minutes gone from round 1.

Winner is Moses Itauma by TKO round 1.


Makmudov was 1/250 with Betfred prior to the bout. This fight ended quickly. Makmudov knocked down the former cruiserweight Wright, who rose to his feet, took more clean shots and the fight was waved off.

Winner is Makmudov by KO in round 1.


Parker was in charge of this bout from early on, controlling the action in the first two rounds. The fight was still competitive until Joseph Parker knocked Simon Kean out in the third round with a right uppercut. Kean failed to beat the count, shaking his head on the canvas.

Winner is Joseph Parker by KO in round 3.


Adeleye came out of the blocks fast and may have shaded the first round. Wardley controlled the rest of the bout. Adeleye was having success with rough house tactics, but beyond that, Wardley was outworking and outlanding Adeleye. Wardley picked up rounds 2-6, and then knocked Adeleye down in the 7th round.

Adeleye smiled on the canvas, but barely beat the count. He ushered Wardley in for a close-range firefight and Wardley oblige. The referee waves it off shortly after with Adeleye on spaghetti legs.

After the bout was waved off, Adeleye struck the referee in the mid-section and protested the decision. It wasn’t a particularly hard shot, but it showed incredible disrespect towards the referee for a reasonable stoppage.

Winner is Wardley by TKO round 7.


Fury started the contest brightly, looking to get Ngannou out early. But this changed rapidly once Ngannou started landing back. Fury took the early rounds but picked up a small cut early in the second round. A warning sign of the danger ahead.

Francis Ngannou knocked Tyson Fury down in the third round. Post-fight, Fury said this was a flash knockdown or round the back of the head, but it looked clean on the replay.

Fury backed off in round 4, and Ngannou picked up another round. The next six become far murkier though. Ngannou continued to damage and cause Fury more problems, but Fury was outboxing Ngannou as expected.

The gas tank of Francis Ngannou began to run dry during the final few rounds, but Fury was noticeably wary to exchange with the boxing debutant.

At the conclusion of the bout, there was no clear winner in my eyes, although Francis was the moral victor. The scorecards read 96-93 Fury, 95-94 Fury, 95-94 Ngannou.

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