Eubank vs Schwarzkopf Full Results

Ben Andrews vs Patryk Polasik

Ben Andrews wins 39-37 via Points Decision.

Ben Andrews

Oliver Zaren vs Bahadur Karami

Both fighters knocked down in round 4, both possibly slips rather than legitimate knockdowns.

Zaren wins 60-55 via Points Decision.

Tiernan Bradley vs Michal Bulik

Bulik knocked down round 1 and 6. Bradley dominated the entire contest.

Bradley wins 60-52 via Points Decision.

JP O’Meara vs Karl Sampson

Sampson scored a good knockdown in round 1. Sampson never followed up on the first round display and was firmly outboxed for the next 3 rounds.

O’Meara wins 38-37 via Points Decision.

Sultan Zaurbek vs Sergio Sosa

Sultan Zaurbek scored knockdowns in round 4 and 6, and secured a stoppage victory later into the sixth round.

Sultan Zaurbek wins via TKO round 6.

Tom Welland vs Francisco Rodriguez

Welland dominated the bout from start to finish, leaving Rodriguez with a heavy cut under his eye. He scored a second knockdown in the fourth round and the fight was waved off.

Winner Tom Welland via TKO round 4.

Tom Welland

Tommy Welch vs Jonathan Vergara

Welch knocked Vergara down twice in the first round. Welch continued to dominate and scored two further knockdowns in the fourth round, followed by Vergara’s corner throwing in the towel.

Winner Tommy Welch via RTD round 4.

Tommy Welch

Lerrone Richards vs Mickey Ellison

Richards outclassed Ellison throughout the contest with his Sniper-like jab, but failed to step up the gears and settled for a decision victory.

Richards wins 79-74 via Points Decision.

Lerrone Richards

Eubank vs Schwarzkopf

Harlem Eubank came through the toughest test of his career debuting a mixed of styles in the process. Eubank started the bout with more ferocity and spite but was muddled betweem styles. Eubank was happy exchanging at close range with Schwarzkopf, and scored the first knockdown of the bout in the third round. Eubank continued to land against a clearly stunned Schwarzkopf, but he held on.

Eubank continued to dominate the bout during the middle rounds, but his willingness to stand and exchange also saw him caught far too many times. Eubank had a point deducted in the fifth round for multiple fouls, and risked a second points deduction later on.
Schwarzkopf carried power but never got to grips with a Harlem Eubank oozing in confidence.

As the fight appeared to be reaching the scorecards, Eubank scored a second knockdown and knocked out Schwarzkopf. Schwarzkopf had never been knocked down prior to the fight.

Winner Harlem Eubank via TKO round 11.

Roman Fury vs Bradley Davies

Roman Fury picked up his first stoppage victory after knocking Bradley Davies out in the third round. Fury controlled the bout and ended the four round contest early in the third round with a single left hand shot. John and Tommy Fury joined Roman Fury to attend the fight and celebrate afterwards.

Winner Roman Fury via KO round 3.

Harvey Dykes vs Erik Nazaryan

Debutant Dykes controlled the whole contest against experienced journeyman Nazaryan, and managed to hurt him in the third. Nazaryan survived the danger and lasted the four rounds without significant trouble, though Dykes clearly won every round.

Winner Harvey Dykes via 40-36 Points Decision.

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