Queensberry Move Date of Upcoming Friday Fight Night

Frank Warren’s Queensbury Promotions have announced a date change to their upcoming card. Originally due on Friday 15 September 2023, Friday Fight Night has been moved to 06 October 2023. The event is still located at York Hall, Bethanl Green, London, England, and broadcast on TNT Sports.

Queensbury’s decision to move the date of the upcoming show may be due to issues in obtaining opposition, as Ben Fail, who was due to fight on the card, took to X.com to express his frustration.

@CarlFail “Why does no one want to fight” 08 September 2023

The card is expected to remain as planned, as only three matchups had been decided with everyone else receiving a TBA as their opposition. Willy Hutchinson and Ellis Zorro will still feature on the card, as will prospects Karol Itauma and Masood Abdulah. Zorro performed well facing knocking out and retiring Hosea Burton in the main event on an earlier Friday Fight Night this year on BT Sport. Queensbury’s other card on 23 September is already stacked, so they won’t move any of the planned fights from 15 September 2023 onto Joyce’s show.

The original card was:

Karol Itauma vs Dmytro Fedas
Masood Abdulah vs Marc Leach
Willy Hutchinson vs TBA
Ellis Zorro vs TBA
Chris Bourke vs TBA
Carl Fail vs TBA
Joshua Frankham vs George Davey
Sean Noakes vs TBA
Natty Ngwenya vs TBA
Sam King vs TBA

And you can see the full preview of Queensbury’s 06 October Friday Fight Night Here

The change in date is disappointing as it leaves a gap in professional boxing until 23 September 2023, when Joe Joyce rematches Zhilei Zhang. That will also take place on TNT Sports, promoted by Queensbury.

You can see the full preview of Zhang vs Joyce II here

Matchroom and Boxxer do not have cards in the UK until 30 September 2023, when they both have cards taking place in London. Matchroom’s Wembley Arena show is topped by Jai Opetaia vs Jordan Thompson for the IBF Cruiserweight championship, whilst Boxxer have Caroline Dubois vs Magali Rodriguez for IBO World Lightweight crown.

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