Live Dalton Smith vs Jose Zepeda Results

Dalton Smith vs Jose Zepeda headlined Matchroom Boxing’s card on 23 March 2024. The show was held at the Utilita Arena in Sheffield England and aired live on DAZN. Here are the full Dalton Smith vs Jose Zepeda results.

Dalton Smith vs Jose Zepeda

Dalton Smith vs Jose Zepeda Card

Dalton Smith vs Jose Zepeda
(Vacant) WBC Silver Super Lightweight title
Sandy Ryan vs Terri Harper

(Ryan) World WBO Welterweight title
James Flint vs Campbell Hatton
(Flint) Central Area Super Lightweight title
Ishmael Davis vs Troy Williamson
British Super Welterweight title Eliminator
Nico Leivars vs Piotr Mirga
English Super Bantamweight title Eliminator
Liam Cameron vs Hussein Itaba
Emmanuel Buttgieg vs Bartlomiej Stryczek
Connan Murray vs Edgar Kemsy

Matchroom Boxing Hunt Season Show Notes

Junaid Bostan made his debut on commentary. Bostan appeared on Before the Bell alongside Darren Barker and Barry Jones.

Only Ishmael Davis can win the British Super Welterweight title eliminator. Troy Williamson missed weight by 4.2 lbs.

Jeff Ofori vs Calum French was originally set for the card. Ofori withdrew with an injury. Connan Murray vs CJ Wood was originally listed. Giorgio Visioli vs TBA was also listed on the initial card.

The full Dalton Smith vs Jose Zepeda results are available below.

Dalton Smith vs Jose Zepeda

Jose Zepeda shaded a tight opening round. Dalton Smith boxed on the outside and both fighters landed a few single blows.

Zepeda took centre ring and controlled the second round. Dalton Smith landed a one-two towards the end of the round having struggled to connect with much else.

Smith started brighter and managed to tag Zepeda early into round 3. The timing of his shots improved and he was far more accurate. Zepeda was left chasing Smith for the majority of the round but clipped Smith a few times at the end of the round.

Smith remained at mid-range in round 4 and landed several accurate head shots without overexerting himself. Zepeda struggled to close the distance again.

Dalton Smith landed an uppercut in round 5 that stunned Zepeda. He followed up thirty seconds later with a wicked body shot that sent Zepeda to the canvas. Zepeda failed to beat the count.


Winner by KO in round 5 Dalton Smith

Sandy Ryan vs Terri Harper

Both fighters started out lively as Sandy Ryan and Terri Harper began to exchange from the opening round. Ryan shaded the second round as she outlanded the more experienced Harper, pushing her back onto the ropes.

Harper began to take a pasting in round 3 as Ryan bullied her around the ring and was close to securing a stoppage. Harper got rocked and did a poor job reacting and she ate several shots and rocked around the ring.

Round 4 was more of the same. Harper was being bounced around like a pinball by the stronger Ryan.

Harper’s corner retired her before the start of round 5.


Winner by RTD at the end of round 4 Sandy Ryan

Ishmael Davis vs Troy Williamson

Troy Williamson weighed in 4.2 lbs above the agreed weight-limit and the bout was only agreed on the morning of the show.

The first round was a tight affair with neither fighter landing anything of any real substance. Ishmael Davis took the second round as he operated on the outside and Troy Williamson couldn’t close the distance. Williamson closed the distance better in the third round but Davis was comfortable picking at Williamson from close range.

Davis took the odd-shot in round 4 but was firmly in control and picked up another round.

Round 5 saw a tiny bit of success from Williamson as he fought ugly and was able to score single shots and win a few moments. Davis was quieter but Williamson only landed a telling punch at the end of the round.

Having looked a little sorry for himself in the corner, Troy Williamson came out and had real success in round 6. Trojan boxed on the front-foot and pressed the action leaving Davis little room to work. Boxing in a phonebooth was leading Williamson to stifle Davis as well as land his own shots.

Williamson took round 7. Davis continued to damage him and left Williamson with damage below his right eye, but Williamson had more stamina and outworked and outlanded Davis.

Ishmael Davis was more active in round 8 and landed several clean shots. Williamson continued to work but Davis landed the best shots.

A firefight erupted in round 9 as Davis pushed Williamson back on the ropes and landed multiple accurate blows. Williamson remained game and fired back. Davis improved in the latter rounds as both fighters began to tire. Davis took 11 as he boxed smarter and exploited Williamson’s over-eagerness.

Round 12 arrived and Davis tagged Williamson multiple times in the first minute. Williamson offered little defence and Davis was able to tee-off on him.


Winner by Unanimous Decision Ishmael Davis 117-111, 116-112 (x2)

James Flint vs Campbell Hatton

Campbell Hatton started brightly and targeted the body of James Flint. Flint tried to stay out of range but was outgunned as Hatton let rip with multiple combinations.

Flint landed his first major shot in the second round that stiffened Hatton’s legs. Hatton continued to have success working at the body but took more damage in this round as Flint landed multiple hooks.

Hatton continued with the same tactics in round 3 but was defensively wide open. Flint landed more head shots as he looked to counter Hatton. 2-1 Hatton at this point.

Hatton outworked the champion Flint in round 4, but Flint landed the more telling punches. Campbell Hatton took round 5 as Flint’s output dropped and he was largely ineffective.

Flint had a strong round 6 and hurt Hatton when he landed several unanswered head shots. Hatton continued to outwork Flint though and target his body.

Flint landed his biggest combination in round 7 and ended the round with a big right hand. Hatton left Flint cut beside his left eye from a clash of heads.

James Flint clearly won round 8 as Campbell Hatton took a lot of damage. Hatton was forced to grab hold and tie-up up his opponent after a painful body shot.

Round 9 saw Flint land multiple shots on Hatton who again looked to tie-up. Flint took some damage but did enough to win the round.

Hatton was hurt from multiple uppercuts and tried to push and smother his opponent. Hatton’s output dropped and he tried to push Flint and neutralise his opponent.

Another really great fight. I scored this 97-93 Flint.


Winner by Unanimous Decision Jimmy Flint 97-95, 97-94, 98-92

Nico Leivars vs Piotr Mirga

This opened the main broadcast at 7:00 p.m

Nico Leivars had a strong start and was more aggressive than Piotr Mirga in the first round. Leivars had more success in the second round as he pinned his opponent against the ropes and targeted the head.

Mirga was starting to mark by round 3, but he was still returning fire. Mirga left Leivars cut from a left hook.

Leivars cut opened in round 4, and Mirga capitalised on this and won the round.  Leivars was left a crimson mask.

Mirga began to box on the front foot from round 5 as Leivars tried to stay out of range. Mirga had another strong sixth round as the momentum swung in his favour. Leivars also had damage beneath his left eye and the cut from earlier continued to cause him problems.

Nico Leivars caught Mirga in round 7 and pushed for a stoppage. Mirga replied with several hooks and escaped the danger.

Leivars tried the same again in round 8 and had more success, and although Mirga continued to throw back, his stamina began to wane.

Leivars secured victory in the ninth round. He knocked down Piotr Mirga with a body shot and he failed to beat the count.

A really good fight.


Winner by KO in round 9 Nico Leivars

Liam Cameron vs Hussein Itaba

Liam Cameron secured a first round KO victory over Hussein Itaba. Cameron hurt his opponent early in the round and went on to score two knockdowns. Itaba beat the count on both occasions but looked dazed as referee waved the bout off.


Winner by TKO in round 1 Liam Cameron

Emmanuel Buttgieg vs Bartlomiej Stryczek

This was a six round contest.

Emmanuel Buttgieg started off positively and put Bartlomiej Stryczek under pressure in the opening round. Buttgieg continued to hunt and target Stryczek in the second round and landed a few good combinations.

Round 3 saw the first knockdown of the night. Buttgieg dropped his opponent with a well-placed 1,2. Stryczek beat the count but remained under pressure for the entire round.

Stryczek continued to take heavy punishment until the end but survived the distance.


Winner by Points Decision Emmanuel Buttgieg 60-53.

Connan Murray vs Edgar Kemsy

This was a six round bout that kicked off Before the Bell.

Connan Murray started off positively, pushing the action and staying on his front foot. Edgar Kemsy offered little going forward and stayed firmly in survival mode. Connan The Barbarian was in control of the bout but his output dropped after the opening round.

The bout wasn’t entertaining after the first round as the tempo dropped and Murray was seemingly happy to take an easy Points Decision victory.


Winner by Points Decision Connan Murray 60-54

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