Liam Smith vs Chris Eubank Jr. 2 review

On 02 September 2023 from Manchester’s  AO Arena, the long awaited rematch between Liam Smith vs Chris Eubank Jr. 2 took place. Billed as Repeat or Revenge, and on PPV for the second time.

Chris Eubank Jr. relished the boos walking first to the ring, looking cool and miming the odd verse of Dr Dre in the process. Liam was greeted with a racous reception, heavily favoured by the Manchester crowd.

From the outset, Eubank Jr. looked a a different fighter. Round 1 was edged by Eubank Jr. who threw far more than Smith. The second round brought more of the same, Eubank was largely inaccurate but threw 5x the punches of Smith, landing more in the process.

Eubank Jr. moved into a new gear from the third round onwards. He found his range with his power punching, and the jabs were beginning to land with increasing frequency.

Smith had offered precious little so far, opting not to counter Eubank’s combinations and stay defensive. There was no gameplan evident, and Smith appeared to have rolled his ankles in the second round. This limited his movement throughout the fight.

Liam Smith was knocked down 30 seconds into the fourth round, a fierce Eubank Jr. uppercut dropping him to a knee. He immediately spat his gumshield out, ensuring he got additional rest after rising to his feet wounded from the knockdown. A veteran move, and a sign the shot did real damage. He survived a long Eubank onslaught leaning against the ropes, and ended the round 5-0 down.

Eubank Jr controlled all aspects of the fight from this point on. Round 5 saw Eubank Jr. pepper Liam Smith with combinations, and his workrate never dipped. Eubank Jr. picked up every round until we reached the tenth.

Having landed 48% of his shots in the previous round, Chris Eubank Jr. dropped Liam Smith from a body shot. The flurry of punches, Smith’s lack of balance from ankle issues, and the accumulation of damage sent him to the canvas.

Liam Smith rose to his feet, but the fight was waved off 40 seconds later. Eubank Jr. was landing constant blows against a tucked up Smith, and Smith wasn’t firing back. The referee waved it off, much to the protests of Smith.  Eubank Jr. celebrated by throwing some towels into the crowd.

CompuBox recorded some interesting statistics from the fight.

Liam Smith never threw more than 20 punches, Eubank Jr never less 33, and 52 after Round 1.

Liam Smith landed 0 punches in the final, round 10. Eubank Jr landed 25/52.

The final punch count saw Liam Smith land 33 shots from 132, and Eubank Jr. 193 from 580.

CompuBox stats for Smith vs Eubank Jr. 2.

Speaking in the ring, Eubank Jr. called for Conor Benn, Kell Brook, or GGG as his next opponent.

Post fight, in the press conference, Liam Smith stated he had trouble with his back injury. The injury delayed the initial 01 July 2023 date and the rescheduled date, until 02 September 2023. Liam Smith stated he felt flat, and gained 42 lbs. during the period he was injured.

This was a terrific tale of redemption and Chris Eubank writing the wrongs of their first meeting in January. He won every minute of this fight, and will likely seeking new opposition from this point.

Liam Smith is now a free agent from Ben Shalom’s Boxxer and Sky Sports, and Chris Eubank Jr. is also a promotional free agent, but remains signed to Wasserman boxing., so their futures are yet to be determined.

Liam Smith may opt for a hometown bout in Liverpool if he is unable to secure a trilogy.  Chris Eubank Jr. will await the news of Conor Benn’s UKAD appeal which is currently

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