Joshua Buatsi vs Dan Azeez The Gloves Are Off

Sky Sports Boxing released The Gloves Are Off on their YouTube channel in anticipation of Joshua Buatsi vs Dan Azeez, which takes place on Sky Sports on 21 October 2023. You can view the preview here.

Early on, Dan Azeez said that Joshua Buatsi chose him as an opponent, because he was an easier option than other opponents, presumably WBA Champion Dmitry Bivol. Azeez thinks that Buatsi believes this a 70/30 in Buatsi’s favour, but Dan Azeez is taking this as a challenge.

Dan Azeez says he feels that he has earnt his boxing stripes, and he is annoyed that Joshua Buatsi hasn’t been saying he wants to fight Dan Azeez publically. Azeez thinks this diminishes his achievements, and that Buatsi never spoke to him after the offer was made.

Buatsi said that Azeez performs better on the night than in sparring, and he isn’t underestimating him. Azeez agrees, and says Buatsi is the third boxer he was faced who he sparred previously, and he beat the other two. When asked about the sparring, it seems Buatsi had the better of their many sparred rounds, with Azeez occasionally spoiling Buatsi’s gameplan.

Buatsi vs Azeez The Gloves Are Off Part 2

Buatsi said that people focus too much on his Olympic pedigree, and not the hustle it took to make the Olympic squad. Dan Azeez said his boxing journey began after he started boxing at a gym near his university and never looked back. Azeez packed in his graduate job, having completed university, to become a small-hall boxer and go from there.

Both fighters were asked about losing, and who is it more damaging for? Joshua Buatsi said a loss impacts both boxers the same amount, but Dan Azeez thinks a loss hurts Buatsi more as he has been touted as a world champion, and he is an Olympian. Buatsi said that he doesn’t think he is the favourite. Buatsi thinks he is on the right path at the moment, but Dan Azeez said Buatsi doesn’t like pressure, whereas he likes to challenge himself. Pressure doesn’t impact Azeez negatively.

It all ends with a handshake between Joshua Buatsi and Dan Azeez.

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