At Home With The Furys Episode One Review

Episode 1: A New Life Without Boxing

The first episode of At Home with the Furys in this nine part documentary establishes Tyson Fury’s home life. The show introduces his wife Paris, who Tyson married in 2008 when she was 17. We also get to meet the children causing chaos throughout the house. The two eldest children Venezuela and Prince John James are approaching teenage years, alongside Prince Tyson II (Tutty), Valencia, Prince Adonis and Athena, who create the type of frustrations you’d expect from four young kids.

The Fury’s are based in a large home in Morecambe, England that features some unusual design choices. With golden curtains and Sistine Chapel’s on the ceiling, complimented by Tyson’s unique wardrobe of custom suits and sponsored t-shirts, I’m not sure if the series will become a trendsetter. Probably not.

We get to see a recently retired Tyson looking for life after boxing, having beaten Dillian Whyte and defended his WBC crown in his last contest. There’s a clear desire from Tyson to hang up the gloves, and he sets about a mundane routine of school runs and visits to the nearby Morecambe Bay. A family visit to Morecambe Bay with the children is striking as Tyson is stopped by numerous people for photos, or even a sly dig about Joshua. Tyson greets his fans warmly, but as the children explain, it isn’t ideal for them for their dad to be at the centre of attention.

We also get a warm family moment when Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague visit. Tommy announces Molly-Mae’s pregnancy, much to the Fury’s delight. Tyson correctly guesses the sex after looking at Molly-Mae’s belly, displaying talents we never even knew. We even get a little bit of boxing news too as Tommy announces he is fighting “some American” in 7 weeks time in Dubai. A fair description for the career of Paul Bamba thus far.

The end of the first episode is about Athena’s christening. A luxury party is arranged for the celebration, and all the Fury’s, including Tyson, seem to be enjoying proceedings. But as the event continues on, Tyson suffers a turn in his mood. He immediately looks to exit the party, citing that the dog Cash needed to be walked.

The flippant way Tyson’s mood changed was interesting to see. He went from a period of feeling comfortable to being desperate to exit, and it was a little window into his mental health battles. The party continued on for several hours without Tyson, but Paris ended the episode unhappy with her husband. The episode ends with Tyson asking if the Netflix crew could politely fuck off so he could walk Cash.

At Home With The Furys is now available on Netflix.

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