At Home With The Furys Episode Eight Review

Episode 8: Furious in Dubai

The episode begins with the announcement that Tyson Fury will face Derek Chisora in his next bout, and the prospect of facing Anthony Joshua has fallen through. Tyson speaks about his training camp, referring it to a priory, and almost a rehab of sorts. Tyson is training with his father John Fury and half-brother Tommy Fury, who has an upcoming bout against Paul Bamba. Tommy regards his fight as a big opportunity, as he is chief support to Floyd Mayweather, who faces Deji in the main event in Saudi Arabia. Tommy said his goal is to win a world championship and then retire.

Tyson leaves for training camp and relocates 8 weeks out from the start of the fight. Valencia and Adonis, two of Tyson’s younger children, protest his absence, and Paris states they always react this way when Tyson leaves. Tommy and John join Tyson at his temporary home, as Tyson lays down the house rules, accompanied by an odd hat. Tyson has OCD and requests the house is kept clean.

As the training camp, Tommy explains he feels stuck in the mud wearing black gloves, and prefers white for speed. John doesn’t seem convinced by the theory. Tommy enjoys training with Tyson but is keen to explain he doesn’t want to tread in his shoes, and wants to walk in his own path.

At the press conference for Fury vs Chisora, Tyson is pleased that Dubois vs Lerena has been added to the bill. Wearing a special fright night suit, Tyson acts as the showman but grows a little frustrated with the lack of entertainment provided by Derek Chisora. The action remains mostly cordial throughout, although Tyson promises to knock Chisora out.

Sugar Hill Steward arrives to train with Tyson, as Tommy and John leave for Dubai. Tyson is a lot more serious under the tutelage of Sugar Hill, with Sugar Hill silencing Tyson at one point for talking over him. Tyson’s mood dips after training, stating he needs to lose more weight, and also struggling with mortality due to the earlier passing of his cousin Rico.

In Dubai, John grills Tommy about making weight for his fight. Tommy’s partner the heavily pregnant Molly-Mae joins him in Dubai. Molly-Mae has designed Tommy’s attire for the fight, white, due to the aforementioned speed advantage. Tommy has ‘Baby Girl’ on the waistband of the shorts for his upcoming child.

Prince, Tyson’s eldest son, wants to attend his first fight but Tyson’s worried about the children seeing him hurt. Despite Paris being keen on Venezuela and Prince, the two eldest children, attending the fight, Tyson outright refuses.

A problem emerges at the weigh-in for Tommy Fury vs Paul Bamba. Paul Bamba accuses Tommy Fury of being seven pounds overweight, with Bamba saying he doesn’t want to fight. According to John Fury, there was an issue with the contracts, and both sides had a different agreed weight limit. The episode ends with the issue up in the air.

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