At Home With The Furys Episode Nine Review

Episode 9: Game Over

The episode begins with Tommy and John Fury discussing the fallout from the weigh-in that ended the previous episode. The fight remains up in the air as Fury and Bamba both met their weight limits, but Tommy had a higher weight in his contract. Tommy remains keen to fight, again noting he wants to be chief support to Floyd Mayweather.

John Fury later explains they have had to sort out a different bout, with someone a stone and a half heavier, Rolly Lambert. Rolly Lambert picked up a version of the world title 2 weeks prior, and will fight Tommy in an exhibition, rather than a real fight. Tommy explains to the camera that Molly-Mae doesn’t understand the difference between a real fight and an exhibition, and will be just as worried. John Fury and the team form a prayer huddle prior to the bout, wishing to avoid any serious injuries.

As the fight between Tommy Fury and Lambert progresses, Jake Paul begins to hurl abuse at Tommy Fury during the 6 round exhibition. John Fury expressed his dissatisfaction with Jake Paul being involved, as he would always bring negativity. After the fight, which goes 6 undramatic and uneventful rounds, Tommy Fury calls out the “bitch” Jake Paul. Tommy begins shouting at Jake Paul who is positioned ringside, and John Fury takes his shirt off and begins to challenge Jake Paul. John Fury later expresses regret over the incident, and regrets of eating pies and ice cream.

At the Fury homstead, Paris Fury announces the two eldest children, Prince and Venezuela, will attend their first fight when Tyson faces Chisora. Paris asks Prince whether he will be frightened watching the boxing. “Solid no”, replied Prince, “because Dad’s beat that man’s ass twice, and he’ll do it a third time”.

Backstage before the Tyson Fury fight, Tyson is accompanied by his family, and Gordan Ramsay. A prayer circle emerges again as the Paris and Venezuela head to their spectator positions. Prince does the ringwalk with his father, holding the WBC belt aloft at Tottenham Hotspur stadium. The family sit ringside as Tyson breaks Chisora down round by round, with Prince predicting the fight wouldn’t go the distance after the first round. Tyson scores the win by TKO in the 10th round, with fellow heavyweight boxers Joe Joyce and Oleksandr Usyk watching on from ringside. Usyk joins Fury on the apron of the ring as Tyson begins hurling insults at Usyk, who stood stoic without responding. Joyce then joins Tyson on the apron of the ring and hypes a potential bout.

After the fight, Paris Fury predicts Tyson will box until he is an old man, but hopes it won’t happen. Tyson shouts “The king is back. Watch Out”.

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